Cuddly book stand.

I hope that the holidays have treated you well. As for me, I spent much of the week in bed, subject to the delirious effects of fever. Here is a photo of a puppy.

An Optimism

A week has passed since we heard the news about Jack Layton, and I still tear up when I hear people talking about it. It’s strange. It’s easy to dismiss, as some have, our country’s conspicuous outpouring of grief as mere celebrity worship. I’ve never met the man whose death has effected me so deeply. […]

The Day I learned How to Choose a Winning Essay

I made extensive preparations for this day. I set aside repetitive work that could be interrupted without penalty. Made sure I had some good snacks. Then I settled to my task and waited for the show to begin. The Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest judges were meeting to choose the winner. I had taken to […]

Health and Safety

As a co-op student, I’m required to fill out and submit a wealth of paper work that would drive even the most staunch office worker to new depths of sadness. Nobody likes paper work. Especially when the paper work is worth marks. This week, I was required to answer a selection of questions pertaining to […]

Uneasy Answers

As my erstwhile colleagues can attest, I don’t like to talk to strangers. I am the person who wears headphones on the bus, sometimes even if my ipod is dead, just to avoid any unnecessary small talk. That’s how shy I am.  Er, how shy I was, I guess. Now when I’m out, I usually […]